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The tranquil village of Agua de Bueyes, with only 300 inhabitants, lies between Tiscamanita and Valles de Ortega.


Agua de Bueyes is best known for the little chapel of Nuestra Seňora de Guadalupe, dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe. The chapel, surrounded by a white crenellated wall, houses a figure of the Madonna, known in Fuerteventura primarily as the Virgen de la Lluvia (Madonna of the Rain).


According to legend, during a long period of drought about 200 years ago, a solemn procession took place in Agua de Bueyes in which Mary was begged for rain. Before the procession with the Madonna returned to the church, it is said to have started raining. To this day, this event is celebrated every year on 28 February with the Fiesta of the Madonna of the Rain.


In the past, the inhabitants of Agua de Bueyes lived exclusively from agriculture and even today some fields around the village are still used for agriculture. Mostly, however, people here live directly or indirectly from tourism.

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