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Fuerteventura’s main road system is simple to navigate and well maintained.  There are tarmac roads to most places of interest with gravel tracks leading to the more isolated areas.

There are reputable car rental offices in Caleta de Fuste and at the airport. They offer modern vehicles, well maintained and available in a wide range of classes.



During the busy months, it is best to book car hire prior to your arrival to ensure you get what you want.


If you plan on using the gravel tracks, we suggest hiring an off-road vehicle.  Recovery costs for stranded cars can be passed onto the driver.  Some cars are monitored by GPS to ensure that drivers stick to appropriate roads.


While observing the usual European driving regulations, please be particularly aware that the following practices are illegal and can result in heavy fines:


- Driving in flip-flops (sandals are okay if they have a strap around the back of the foot).

- Anyone having feet up on the dashboard while travelling.

- Holding a mobile phone while driving.

- Having surfboards or similar items inside the vehicle over people's heads.

- Sticking hands, feet or heads out of windows.

- Driving topless - women AND men!

- Parking between the white markers and the coast line.

- Parking facing into oncoming traffic.

- Crossing solid white lines when overtaking or turning in the road.


If in doubt, check with your hire company.

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