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Difficulty:  Easy

Length:  3.9km


The Garabato ravine emerges on the southern slope of Morro Janana, south-west of Antigua, and is connected to the La Vega Vieja ravine, creating the Agua de Bueyes ravine, which is the namesake for the village located between Morro de la Mina, Majada del Charco and Morro del Risco.


The starting point of this trail is Our Lady of Guadalupe chapel.  This small church exists thanks to Ms Maria Gutiérrez, who obtained a construction license for the same in 1642.  In September 1731, the chapel was dedicated to Our Lady the Virgin of Guadaloupe with beautiful 18th century sculpture from Mexico.  Do not miss the large canvas paintings in the chapel.

As you head west along the ravine, you will quickly see the huge palm groves that welcome you to this trail.  Almost the entire trail winds through gavias (a traditional cultivation system unique to Fuerteventura), wells and mills and also some remains of water wheels (a mechanical system used to draw water from the wells).

Soon you will reach a fork in the trail at a spot known as Cuesta de la Villa, which serves as a junction with another marked trail that leads to the town of Betancuria.  This junction also has a small rest area.  Continue to the right, on the trail that leads northwards to Rincón de Garabato.  From this point, you will already be able to see extensive prickly pear plantations; these plants were brought from the Americas to the island, where they quickly spread and were used for their edible fruit and also for cochineal, a parasitic insect living on these cacti that was harvested to make natural dye.  Return along the same route, unless you prefer to connect with the trail that leads to Betancuria.

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